Adversity is the biggest deposit in your bank account

Why are we actually afraid? Is it the unknown future, or the past we know about ourselves? Many do not take a leap of faith on things because they failed attempting other things in life, others just do not try at all as they feel comfortable in the nest.

When you think about those two logics, doesn’t it feel disrespectful to one’s self? Think about it, if I told you: stay in the nest and I will bring the food to you for life, your world is limited to that small space! I am sure it moves some emotions to do something about it.

So why not talk the inner voice that is disrespecting you every day, and tell it to shut up? You can and you will fly free! Do not let fear take your life away while you are still alive.

Impossible is nothing. I have been above clouds; I have been in the middle of the deep seas, I have walked above volcano grounds in high mountains; I have learned 5 international languages; I have written a book which sold in 7 countries; I’ve developed companies from scratch that have made 100s of millions; I’ve trained over 40,000 people; I have loved everyone with no exceptions; I have experienced God’s love; I am living the perfect life; there nothing but positivity and abundance; I have forgiven the woman who molested me as a child, I have forgiven my father, my mother, my dad, and my mom as four parents who struggled to keep a peaceful life in our upcoming, I have become a friend of my ex business partner who took all from my family and kept us in debt, I have rebuilt my financial foundation after hurricane sandy took everything, I have done all this and I’m only 35 and have 70+ years to live and I will change the world! Impossible is nothing.

Who is Ali Mehdaoui?

The definition of success is an accomplishment of an aim or a purpose, and that was something I always struggled to accept as my whole upcoming had circumstances that were not pleasant; a family that was full alcohol issues and domestic violence and day dreaming was always cut short with lack of resources.

The last 13 years of my journey with personal development healed some wounds and that will be a life’s worth process, but I accomplished things before the age of 30 that most chase for a lifetime and never make it. When people think of success, they automatically assume money or materialistic things, but it is truly to accomplish whatever YOU aimed for, however big or small of a goal that is up to you. For me, it was retiring dad, helping mom start a catering business, retiring my wife by the age 30… Many personal goals achieved but the most important to me of them all is my purpose in life. I’ve identified that I was created to serve others, to sacrifice my time and resources for bigger things, not necessarily for me but for other people who might not have the skills or talents to be, have or do what God has blessed me with. So, let’s make a pact; let us never again chase after what other “successful” people have but for what we aim to achieve for ourselves; to be purpose driven rather than money hungry. The materialistic things are the added bonus of achieving your purpose in life and that to me if far greater in importance than any amount money life can give.

Over my ten years in business I have learned a lot, I have failed some, but I absolutely crushed it when I had the three skills of success in business mastered.

From my humble experience in building networks in 21 countries, it is never just the value of the company. It is you that drives the eyes and ears of who would want to learn more. While most think that “I have to talk about the product all day everyday”, I am here to tell you that marketing is simply sharing an experience from a genuine, real, honest approach. I myself, used to think that the more people I talked to about my product or service, the more prospects, and customers I will have.

However, it was what changed in my lifestyle or my health, the experiences I created because of the company. The interesting thing to me was that the less I spoke of the company the more “Can you send me some info please” messages I was and still am receiving. Documentation beats conversation, so document using Facebook live sessions, before and after pictures, social media overall! Use these resources not to sell, but to educate and raise value.

When I said marketing is a language, I meant an emotional one! If you create a real genuine emotion, you will win the hearts of your prospects. I would advise you to be very careful with faking or simply posting things to evoke an emotion that you do not really believe in. Sooner or later you will be praised for your honesty or exposed for your BS artistic creation to get a sale.

Recruiting is the reason why most people quit network marketing. Not because they do not like it, but because they underestimate it and do not educate themselves on what it even means.

Building a network requires influence, constant communication, trust, leading by example, personal growth, showcasing the ability to close and marketing with class! Recruiting is the ultimate dream for anyone who gets into network marketing. While some may tell me otherwise, I’m here to tell that after training 40.000 network marketers and building 4 companies in the hundreds of millions and having helped establish 48 private coaching students as leaders in their own lanes, the first thing every client ask us to help them with is 100% of the time “I want to be able to bring in more people”. So, along with mastering Marketing and closing a sale, you will need to accept and embrace the total required change you will have to go through to become a recruiter! The best recruiters do not look for people, but give enough value, show enough class & bring the masses to them.

So as a recap, I know if you are reading this you are wondering: “can I really master all three?” Most do not, not because they or you can’t, but because they don’t have enough will power to change who they are for the better, to fight the comfort zone & to give up those “beautiful” bad habits.

You have to decide as I will not tell you that network marketing is NOT easy! As a matter of a fact, it is probably the hardest transformation you will ever go through but the most meaningful one. My wife and I have created a lifestyle as 35 & 34 years old we spend every minute of the day with our kids, home or doing whatever we want without the pressure of reporting to work!

We took a year off in 2016 and just traveled to Colombia, France, England,

Belgium and lived life! It would not have been possible if it were not for network marketing.

See you at the top,

Ali Mehdaoui

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